I just got my 240sx what should I do to it 1st?

Buy a good alarm for it, the 240sx is the newest civic so it's stolen often for parts.

a good alarm is one that's done by a professional with clean wiring and not taping power off anywhere under the dash.

also make sure it's got start kill that's what matter the most.
another good way to look for a good installer is to make sure they will be around to warranty the work.

Don't do anything to it yet, do research and learn more about it 1st before doing anything.
Find out what do you want the car for.
A car is like a tool to perform a task picking the right tool will make the task easier to complete(another word fix it up right the 1st time).
If you must do something we recommand spending the money to replace worn out parts(bushing and etc..), complete tune-up including flushing radiator, and clean up the interior.

Ok I'm ready to modify the car what are the steps you recommend?

We recommend the following steps.
1. Upgrade brake and Suspension(power is useless with control)
2. Find a nice set of wheel(it's the wheel that make a car look nice)
3. Change out the seat,steering wheel, and shiftknob.
4. It's up to you but we recommand somekind of LSD.
5. Go for upgrade on engine(swaps, turbo, or exotic custom ITB)
6. Exterior body mods--remember there are tons of S13/S14 parts out there do research and find the one you "like".

Our final advice--Enjoy your car DON'T baby it.

Can you get brand new Nissan body parts?

Yes, We can order them new from dealer of japan anytime, but I'm sure you know you'll be paying nissan dealer price+shipping from japan+markup+shipping from socal which means unreasonally expensive.
most people just wait for us to get used ones in and then buy them.

Which brand is better and why?

usually when it comes to parts, you get what you paid for.
which one to buy depend on your budget, brand loyalty, and appreciation for quality.
there are people who will try to use anything to make it work as long as it works, and then you got people who wants factory fitment and superior quality.

what body kit or spoiler do you recommend?

everyone has different taste and budget, so pick one that base on what you like not what other likes and won't put you in major debt.
if you are building your car to show off or to impress people, all it takes is money.
with money you can build anything nice.
at the end is spending ALL that money worth it?
especially just to impress people you don't know or care for.
sure you can build a WIDE BODY super gt 240sx, but the car you got for only $2,000 you end up paying another $10,000+ for that wide body kit,wheels, and paint job(another $10k+ for engine) at the end someone with more money just out done you(welcome to the real world where money talks bullshit walks)(truth hurts, but people need reality check sometime)

Which wheel size and offset you recommend?

like everything else, it's all personal taste.
before you decide which wheel think of the following: what are you using the wheels for?
street,racing, or show(see below).
what type of person are you?
conservative---just wider then stock with no rubbing and bigger look.
racer type---widest possible without passing the fenders(rubbing or not depend on how low the car is, spring rate, and tire size).
hard core---will do ANYTHING to make it fit. rolling of fenders, negative camber, fender flares, and stretching the tires.

Which Exhaust is the Best?

There's no such thing as the "best" exhaust, there is the most "expensive" exhaust, but not necessary the best exhaust for you.
Choose an exhaust is base on your taste in looks, sound level, sound quality, and budget.
Most exhaust with the same diameter pipping will give you a few hp difference so the rest will be base on how it looks and sound.
If you are looking for maximum hp, then biggest pippig is the way to go, but be warned you will lose torque and gain sound level.
At the end, you get what you paid for like usual, high dollar exhaust usually have better quality welding and better material used.
We suggest you go to car meets and look/listen to each exhaust and find the "one" for you.

Why don't you guys carry more used turbo, LSD, and coilover?
There are plenty of cheap used coilovers in Japan, but most of them are blown or bent due to accident
. Just like battery all those item will need replacement as time goes by(depend on abuse).
We suggest NEVER buy used turbo,LSD, and Coilover anyone can just BS you about the history of them.

Which coilover should I get?

From our experience the most important part for a coilover is the ability to be rebuild and also at a reasonable cost.
on a street car, most coilover won't last over 2 years(depend on driving style and also road condition of where you live).
our last advice is that you get what you paid for, so don't expect $1,000 coilver to be as good as $2,000 ones.
the key is to find what you "need" 90%+ of people will never need D1 or Racing level coilovers.

What light bulb do I use on my S13/S14?

95-96 s14 240sx
Low beam : H4
High beam : 9005
Fog light : H3

97-98 s14 240sx
Low beam : H1
High beam : 9005
Fog light : H3

Foglamps - H3c
Hi/Lo - H4

Dual Projectors:
Lowbeams - H3c
Highbeams - H3
Foglamps - H3c

Triple Projectors:
Lowbeams - H1
Highbeams - H3
Foglamps - H3c

Here are are some final advice, it's free you can listen to it and save time and money or learn it the hard way.
1. reality check, find out how much money you make and how long it'll take to reach your goal, a D1 level 240sx will cost about $35k to build.
2. spread your funds, a rb power 240 is useless if you don't have the wheel,tire, and suspenion to back it. not to mention power to stop the car when needed.
3. at the end you gotta ask yourself all this money spend is it worth it? if it is then go on make a list of upgrade and do it one step at a time.