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For S13,S14, and S15 conversion and fiberglass bodykits.
All bodypanel(ie hood,sideskirts,fenders etc) are all base on $$$ just like everything in life you get what you paid for.
The good stuff will fit better then other and if you have to ask about fitment issue then save up and get the goodstuff,
the cheap stuff is for people who have hook up at bodyshop or people who don't care(just going to go out and drift it).
ALL conversion will require professional install by bodyshop, it's not a bolt on to be perfect.
Bodyshop have the experience and tool to align the panels.
As for fiberglass parts we sell, the fitment will be better then most fiberglass kit you see out there, but never expect anything aftermarket to fit like stock oem parts(that's why our used oem sideskirts sell so well).