Why buy from us?
1. we been dealing with the 240sx community since 1999, has the experience, knowledge, and reliability exceed most seller on the market.
2. buying used parts save alot of money comparing to buying new.
3. we make it easy to find rare parts, instead of searching and waiting we have the parts here instock(usa)

We deal with used parts and also japanese market only parts directly.
Our cost changes with each shipment due to shipping cost, exchange rate, and our buy in cost.
We use to have pricing when we started 2 years ago, it was a hassle trying to update pricing and sometime we miss a few(got us in trouble). At the end we decided to just have people email in for pricing. Also shipping cost varies and tax applies to CA residents so this the best way we found so far. Thank you for your understanding.

I've email you guys but no reply? Sorry, the reasons why we don't reply email fast or never reply are: 1. our aol email server sometime don't receive emails(aol suck), but too many people have our email address already so it's too late to change. 2. sometime we hit reply and send the email and we get email back stating email demon such and such 3. the person ask alot of questions so it'll be answer last. 4. we don't have the item of interest, or city and state info. 5. sometime people email jspec@aol.com which is NOT our email address.

Do you guys do wholesale?

Wholesale means large quantity distribution of goods at re-saleable price. We are just a small company, we don't have the quantity or profit margin to do wholesale. Most inquires are for personal use or low volume.

Do you guys offer discount?

We only offer discount to repeat customer or quantity order.

Repeat customer---people who continues to buy and support jspec.com help us grow and increase in product line(thank you guys/gals)

Quantity order---because we can ship most of the stuff in one box we can pass on the discount from shipping to you.

Do you sell motors?

We use to, but it was hard to answer all the technical questions and also warranty issues that we decided it's not worth the hassle. also all people were interested was the cheapest price, they don't care for quality or who they buy from.

Can you get any Japanese body kit?

Yes--We can get almost any brand in Japan, but fiberglass are hard to ship and easily damaged, so unless we make good profit we will not deal with it.
Another word if you are shopping around for the lowest price supplier we are not it.
We get alot of inquires for WIDE body kits, but honestly most will cost over $4,000 and for a car that cost less then that(get real and think).

Do you do international sales?

we don't usually do international sales due to the following reasons. 1. shipping is expensive because we only use EMS. 2. we can only accept international wire transfer as payment, there are too much fraud for international credit cards(our bank charges $10 fee for international wire in) 3. EMS are expensive for heavy items and they will only ship up to a cetain size. we recommand you purchase 2 or more item at a time to save money on shipping and if you can do a group by with local 200sx owners to save money on shipping as well(by the way we offer discount volume purchase). International wholesale welcome, but it would be consignment pallet freight(air or sea) and we can only accept wire transfer upfront. Everything will be FOB Los Angeles, CA USA.