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2004 US D1 DVD by jdm Option video volume 5.
Brand new english subtitle 2004 D1 USA video, it's western region so it'll work with US DVD player.
No matter how much D1 becomes popular, the origins of drifting is, of course, the Touge! (mountain passes!)
Therefore, we toured the nation's famouns windings/Touges with Nomuken!
Let's gather the best Touge drivers and go to the finals tournament!
Orido and Suzuki judge these Touge drifters on the site. See the big excitement!
This is the real report where you can find out about Japan's true Touge!


The Street Tribe Heaven, All Japan Touge Tournament

Welcome to the world of 300+ km/h!!
A must for someone wondering what the hell are they saying in those Japanese Option video.
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