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2004 US D1 DVD by jdm Option video volume 6.
Brand new english subtitle 2004 D1 USA video, it's western region so it'll work with US DVD player.
Watch Round 3 of D1 Japan where you see 150hp AE86 vs 450hp R34 and grown men crying for winning/crashing/losing.
Find out what true Wangan means at almost $40 per run.
Talk about serious professional tuning, We can't match the technology they are bring into drifting into D1 of Japan.
This video has detail break down of Tanaguchi HKS S15 vs Kazama KOffice S15 car and technique.
And the most exciting part our US D1 Driver search at California speedway.
Our driver Conrad qualified with a near perfect run, but during top 8 he had 1 good one and 1 bad one in this video they choose to show mostly the bad runs for most people(bad editing)

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