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We get alot of inquires for S14 Kouki Silvia conversion for S13/S14, so here's the list of parts needed.

S14 headlights you can get it cheaper at local dealer then japan, because japanese are dual housing per headlight.

S14 grill and corner lights from the dealer.

Made in Japan fiberglass hood $700 and up plus shipping.(Special Order) Made in Japan carbon fiber hood $900 to $1,200 plus shipping.(Special Order) Used s14 oem bumper $400 and up plus shipping.(hard to come by) Aftermarket S14 japanese bumpers average about $600 to $700 plus shipping(we can get almost any brand, but serious inquires only if you don't have the money don't waste our time)

S13 chasis will require custom bracket to mount the headlights(custom made) and s15 hood hinges.

S14 Zenki chasis will require light bracket which is a dealer item

ALL s13/s14 chasis will require rewiring of lights(any stereo shop can do).

AIT Bmagic S134 Fenders
AIT Bmagic S134 Fenders