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Question: Why do you guys carry mostly SR20DET parts and not much for KA24?

There are plenty of company that carries parts for KA24 already(ie Stillen, Jimwolf, Hotshot) and we don't believe in normally aspriated power.
and the most important of all that smile you have on your face once you driven a SR.

Question: What should I do as steps to upgrade once I have a SR swap done?(do NOT upgrade in performance until you have upgraded your brakes and suspensions)

1st stage--simple bolt on like intake,downpipe, 3 inch pipping exhaust,front mount intercooler,fuel pump upgrade, and boost controller.

2nd stage--metal headgasket, racing valve springs, rocker arm stopper, performance clutch, and LSD.

3rd stage--injector upgrade,ecu upgrade, and turbo upgrade.

4th stage--head work, built buttom end, beefier tranny.

Here's our advise for anyone going for a swap.

1. Don't buy the motor because it's the lowest price, you get what you paid for in life so a reliable source is the way to go.

2. Buy a complete swap or front clip, do NOT just buy motor and tranny. It'll cost you more to piece together a complete kit and it's a hassle too.

3. Have extra cash just in case you run into problems which you'll need parts right away($1,000 to $2,000).

4. Prepare for a down time of minimum of 1 month, another word have an extra car to drive in the mean time.

5. FORGET about SMOG, SR20DET is for serious racer only don't expect it to pass smog.

6. When the install is done and it won't turn on double check the following items(see if all the harness plug are in, power and ground for the motor, check injectors and crank angle sensors, and alot of time the SR comes with the wrong ecu so make sure it's the correct one).

We sell complete swap/clip with install only, but here are the list of reason why we don't sell them by itself.

1. We don't have the man power to answer all the install questions.
2. When something goes wrong with the install the motor is always the 1st to blame, we don't want to have to be assholes and just said too bad.
These are USED motor that's been sitting around in Japan for awhile now, so don't expect everything on it to be good.
If you are located in Southern California area you are welcome to email us for quotes for a clean swap.

Good luck!!!